Tomahawk Outdoor Sports

On  July 18 1998, we opened our doors at the Wagenwegstraat 71 in Paramaribo, Suriname. Right from the start, we have become the nation’s trusted supplier of outdoor sporting equipment. We are now found in 7 locations.

We know Adventure!

We have the largest assortment of the most dependable products, and we pride ourselves in our service and expertise which make the Tomahawk shopping experience a successful one. We continue to bring our customers nothing less for their adventure.

Suriname has endless opportunities for adventure and outdoor fun. It is our commitment to offer the sportsman, adventurer, and everyday family, reliable equipment to ensure a happy and above all, safe adventure.


Real Adventure with Tomahawk

This is a television series that combines sportfishing and the wild, untamed jungle to capture the true essence of adventure. In the series, our host Ted Jantz takes the viewer along for the ride, as he and the Real Adventure team explore remote corners of Suriname. Find out more about these incredible fishing expeditions and make sure to watch an episode!

Catch & Release

catch-and-releaseTomahawk values the importance of protecting nature and making sure that our forests and rivers survive for future generations. That’s why Tomahawk encourages you to practice Catch & Release procedures when sport fishing with your family and friends.