Shadow Rap

Shadow Rap

Shadow Rap

Rapala’s Shadow Rap®

Rapala’s Shadow Rap® series, your new favorite jerkbaits. These lures have moves that other lures only dream about. A horizontal struggle with a big kick, plus a vertical fade or a vertical rise on the pause perfectly mimics a minnow or a shad in its last, quivering moments before the end. The kick, the snap back to life and the slow fading or rising all trigger fish to hit the Shadow Raps, and hit them hard.

The Shadow Rap features a minnow or shad body style, flat sides and a metallic finish with textured scales. The look and swimming action of this lure is so close to a real minnow or shad that is on its last leg, fish are simply unable to resist. Sharp left to right turns allow you to fish the Shadow Rap with little forward travel, so you can stay in the strike zone longer. The Shadow Rap series of lures feature super sharp VMC black nickel round bend hooks and are available in 24 color patterns.

Internally, the Rapala Shadow Rap is equipped with a fixed weighting system, which works like a minnow’s swim bladder, allowing it to sink with a slow-falling quiver – just like a dying baitfish. As it fades into the depths, the Rapala Shadow Rap snaps back to life with a flickering lunge that causes fish to come absolutely unglued.

Rapala Length Weight Depth
Shadow Rap 4-1/4″ 7/16oz 2-4ft


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