Fishing hooks are inherent to the success of a good catch. Hooks exist in many variants, types and sizes. Whether general hooks or aimed at a specific type of fish. There are thinner than ordinary hooks. Its shape prevents the bait from escaping easily and keeps it alive longer, making it more attractive to the predator. These hooks are used with great success in the Tucunari fishery because they sink with their point inwards so that the hook is undetected by the fish. Other hooks have different characteristics such as great penetration thanks to the super sharp point and special curvature. Check out the wide range of hooks with sharp points, barbs, hard and soft materials and much more. From the well-known brands Eagle Claw, Gamakatsu, Mustad, Owner, Tomahawk, TRO-KAR and VMC. Order here on the Tomahawk Suriname website, we deliver to your home in Suriname. Also for our customers in Guyana.