Fishing in the waters of Suriname is relaxing and enjoyable. Catching fish such as Anjoemaras, Kwie Kwies, pike, perch, koi carp, tucunari and many more tropical fish await in the beautiful interior of Suriname. Or in Saramacca and Brokopondo. To make sport fishing even more enjoyable and succesfull for a great catch, it is important to have sturdy and practical high quality fishing gear. Tomahawk has the best fishing equipment and a very wide choice of accessories such as lures, rods, floats and reels from renowned top brands such as Shimano, Telepole, Ugly Stick, Marine Metal, Mikado and much more. View our range here on the page. Order quickly via the shopping cart and have your products delivered at home in Suriname. Also for our customers in Guyana.